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The End of my Addiction



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I don't much getting into mourning or celebrating celebrities' successes/failures/deaths for many reasons. Especially when they're drug or alcohol related. I just figure that too many of us die silently to honor (in whatever) the ones who are famous.

That said, MAN, Ed and I are on a major Prince kick at the moment and holy wow. What a loss. I wish I'd gone to see him in person. What an incredible musician. My favorite this evening from our own little memorial to the man is Let's Go Crazy. But Darling Nikki? And When Doves Cry? Holy man. The list goes on. Love that guy's music. 

Does anyone remember the video (or was it in the movie?) when he humps the floor? I remember being totally mortified and horrified by the scene. lolol. WAY back in the day. 



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