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The End of my Addiction



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Can I ask for people's experiences with gabapentin please?

I started it this week as an adjunct to baclofen  120 mg daily. My reason for not just increasing the bac is that I have a back problem which really needs strong core muscles, which I don't have, & baclofen being a muscle relaxant makes these muscles even more relaxed. So my week off the wagon drinking All Inclusive AND taking bac has made the problem a lot worse, my back has been painful this week.

I have also struggled a bit this week to get back to the good place I was in before with 12-14 units a week. Made worse by the fact that circumstances have given me more free time this week (the grandchildren I childmind have gone on holiday).

So. I reasoned that gaba could be good fro back pain, would augment the bac, might have a positive effect on mood & sleep.

So far I haven't noticed much effect - now on 1200 mg, 3x400. I felt a bit woolly at work yesterday an hour after taking the morning does, brain not working so well. I also notice that it makes you uncoordinated, a tendency to fall over. However it's good for sleep & I have stopped the quetiapine I was taking at night, which I wasn't happy about taking even at a low dose (50 mg). I don't get a high from it, which I know some people have reported. Pity .Ha ha, we addicts are always looking for a high!

Today I am going to take 800 mg at bedtime.

I am almost back in routine now, drinking nights Friday & Saturday, plus one night during the week (often Book Group, or meal with friends),  strictly 4 units each time, & I don't find that difficult - sometimes forget the last glass if I get involved with the internet or games on the ipad, find the glass the next morning. I regard that as a good sign. Full glass left over would never have happened a few years ago - unless I fell unconscious before I could drink it. 

Not sure whether to go on increasing it. People talk about very high doses.

Any advice out there?

BTW terryk has blitzed the meds section of MWO now the troll has gone again & revived it - do take a look.

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After I posted that I went out in the garden to do some edging - I LOVE edging, it feeds my OCD & is so mindless that it's good thinking time.

So during this this thinking time I realised why I am unlikely to get a high from anything - the bac blocks it, as it does for alcohol.

One problem solved.

Back to the garden - amazing weather in the UK for a change.

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