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The End of my Addiction

Baclofen News from Dr. Amanda Stafford in Australia


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Let's show her site some love! 

Check out the Baclofen News, where you can "like" the info. It's very exciting stuff. 


If you don't feel like clicking through and showing her we appreciate her work (I hope you will...but anyway...)

There's a doctor in Perth who is now prescribing and I'll update the Doctor's Info with his name. But even more exciting is this:

Berlin. 3rd September 2016. 4.30pm. The results of three big European baclofen studies will be announced in one session of the World Congress for Alcohol and Alcoholism (isbra-esbra-2016.org/welcome-3/).

Baclofen treating doctors have been waiting a couple of years for this. These studies should put an end to the criticism that there is not enough evidence from large clinical trials to support the use of baclofen for alcohol use disorders.

Can't wait for that conference! 

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That website is pretty awesome!  Lots of good info all in one place.  It'd be cool if somehow you could sister the sites.  Or get links on front pages or something.  Not sure how that works but something to think about.

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