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The End of my Addiction

Topomax and Headaches


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Welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new here myself- about a month. I can tell you, the people here are very knowledgeable and will not steer you down the wrong path. I just started baclofen a few weeks ago. So far I haven't noticed a big difference but if I'm being honest- I have been cheating myself. The one thing that's benefited me most from this site are the people themselves- this is not AA. Nobody here will judge you or make you feel like a bad person. All of the advice I've gotten has been honest and from the heart. If you are interested in baclofen their is loads of evidence that it works- once you hit your threshold. Read through the forums and see what you find- there is a goldmine here of great info for people like us. BTW- I am also a serious binge drinker. I can be sober for weeks at a time then go on a tear that leaves me feeling worthless. You are on the right track my friend!

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Hi @mara13. Welcome to our home. (Sorry, totally a New Girl reference that no one will understand except maybe Ne.)

I am not too familiar with topa or its side effects. But a little googling uncovered this thread about headaches: https://www.drugs.com/answers/headaches-100-mg-topamax-567366.html

Looks like topa is sometimes prescribed for migraines, but some people there say it started giving them headaches instead of curing them. 

Not sure how many people here are going the topa route. I'd send you over to http://www.mywayout.org/community/forum52/ where more people might be on topamax and be able to help, except that forum is mostly a cesspool of trolling these days, from what I can tell. However, and this is the longest thread on that forum, there's this http://www.mywayout.org/community/medication-research-and-support/40524-starting-topa-question.html?highlight=topa

There's like 6,000+ posts and it's mostly a social thread, but the first pages of it are actually about topa and all of the woman who post there (if they're posting recently, I haven't checked) have been on topa at one time or another.

Stick around, keep posting. Somebody here should be able to help more than me.

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On April 29, 2016 at 10:34 AM, boydy613 said:

Thanks for the sound advice....It seems like Baclofen might be a better option for me and I would really like to havbe the supervision of a substance abuse psychiatrist also. I an located in Southern California if that helps. Ya it seems that Naltrexone might not work for me . Any info on doctors in this region would be much appreciated :)


UCLA has a reputable medication-assisted treatment program, if that's the part of SoCal you're in - kind of pricey though. I'm in LA and can't find much beyond that when it comes to psychiatry. Let me know if you do find anyone. Man, I could use some counseling and supervision right about now.

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