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The End of my Addiction

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Sorry, @Chuck. FB is no joke. When my girl blocked me on Twitter it hurt more than I would have thought... Social media, for better or worse, is how we do social these days.

Just had a long phone conversation with an old girlfriend. She and I have stayed good friends the past 15 years or so, and she's starting a PhD program this fall so we have plenty to talk about. It was mostly me whining and complaining about life, though. I am so sick of myself. Sick of feeling sorry for myself.

I ate a little bit today. And cleaned the litter box. Still much laundry and very much dishes to do, but little steps. 

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Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a nice weekend, and for those in the US, a nice long weekend. I got at least two of the three days off (although I only have to go in for a few hours today).

Hi all, I'm back from Europe/Britain.   Had a great time with Dad. Made me happy to see him so happy. Was in London during Brexit vote, with old family friends who voted Leave. Was

I picture myself driving along with a car full of balloons blown up by sober people.

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On 28/07/2016 at 4:57 PM, Ne1 said:

Name the song....?

Thanks again for your kind words on my Parents

@StuckinLA - Stuckers, sorry about the news - Its shit when you break up - I know you were keen on her - Though as Molls said, another door and all that - Chin Up - Try and get some routine going

@Molly78 - 6 of 'em, Crumbs Christmas must be hard on the bank balance!!

@Chuck - Sorry your offer was unrequited - If he is the right one, do not give up

Yes, @Felina , a lot of bummer stories

Well - We went out "en falmille" last night to the Pianna's, mothers, brother in law's granddaughter's 21st birthday (keeping up?) - It was in a rather dingy pub in, how shall I put it, less that salubrious part of out county - I know this makes me sound like a snob but it was.....not a nice venue - Anyway, I diversify - So it is full of 21 year olds, doing what 21 year olds do I suppose but we found ourselves sitting on the "old peoples" table - You know the one where all the old farts sit - The ones that are not hip - God, I felt uncomfortable - The Pianna and the kids had a great time but for me it was a rather slow few hours but I did not drink and to be honest, I did not miss it - Which was nice 

Today I finished stripping down my red front door back to the wood, gave it a wax and re-installed it - Even if I say so myself, it looks bloody excellent





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