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The End of my Addiction

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Ne, I can't check in on the checking in thread, I don't get the "Reply to this Topic" and maybe that's why others haven't checked in.  Just waiting for an offer on the house!!!


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@SKendall, if you're still having problems, send a PM to Admin1. And if you can't do that, or can't post at all, then you can send me a message over on MWO. 

Hope it's already straightened out and I'm now holding my breath about the offer on your house!!! 

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11 minutes ago, SKendall said:

Ne, I tried to use the checking in thread, but it takes me back to my last post and freezes me there.


SK, I have checked your permissions and have done a test post in Checking In without any issues.

I have also posted with duplicate permission as Admin Test User

Is your internet speed good? I would also suggest you clear your cookies relating to the forum, if you are unsure how to do this please let me know what browser you are using and I will help you.

Have you tried a different machine to post with?

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