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The End of my Addiction

Hello! New here.... :>)>

Woody Woods

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Hiya folks, Woody here.... Apologies for the unduly long and waffly post........

I have been directed over here from the 'mywayout' forum by someone.... I had mentioned in my first tentative (but long-winded) post over there that I was interested in trying Baclofen, and I gather that folks here have some experience in that field.... I'm very pleased to have joined both forums (fora?) in any case, and have enjoyed lurking in several threads since I came across both sites, and was struck by how much others' frank descriptions of their thoughts and experiences so closely echo my own :>)>

A brief bit about me - I was born in the West of England, living currently in the Republic of Ireland (I was a 'Brefugee' long before it became, shall we say, 'pressing,' as is currently the case for many of my countrymen- and ladies!).... I am a blues musician and very keen on woodworking and gardening.... I also have a longstanding (10+ years) of alcohol abuse under my belt, which I have very recently taken the first baby-steps towards addressing.... Like so many others, I turned to drinking as a way to alleviate crippling anxiety, and transform myself, (like Clark Kent in a 'phone box), from being an introverted recluse to being an ebullient, sociable and (hopefully) modestly entertaining performer on the local pub circuit.... And then of course, more drinks to knock myself out afterwards, and finally get some form of fitful sleep, which I never seem to achieve until the sun rises and the rooster crows.... Over the years, more and more drinks were required to achieve the desired effect, until I reached the distressing state in which I currently find myself... rinse and repeat, etc...

Earlier this week my long-suffering, non-drinking partner dragged me along invited me to accompany him to visit a doctor for the first time in literally years, but I came away feeling disheartened, and that my concerns had not been fully listened to: I was hoping for something to finally treat (what I see as) the root cause of my excessive booze consumption; namely, chronic anxiety since childhood, and a broken body clock - I even had a fairly clear idea of which medicines and approaches towards recovery I would have liked to try (do doctors hate patients in whom the Google-Fu is strong?), but as it stands I came away 50 quid lighter (for the consultation) with a 'scrip for SSRI's, Librium, Thiamine, etc, and a direction to seek out a local AA meeting post-haste..... All of which I felt later, was a bit too much of a 'One-Size-Fits-All' approach for my taste, but I wasn't mentally at my sharpest at the time of my visit, having been awake since the previous afternoon and consumed my usual lake of alcohol overnight.... Having read as much as I can around the topic of treatment for alcohol problems, I would dearly love to try Baclofen, but getting a doctor to prescribe it here is apparently as rare as rocking-horse shit, so I will have to investigate other options for the time being.....

I am not entirely averse to trying the doctor's recommended pills and whatnot, but I am hoping at least that he can change the sertraline prescription for citalopram - I used to take citalopram for the anxiety and found that it really helped, with few side effects, whereas I have known many people who have been on sertraline who found that it made them unbearably nauseous for weeks etc, which makes me wary of it.... What is certain is that I need something to deal with the bloody awful withdrawal symptoms which start to kick in after a day or two of no booze; namely the sweating and shaking and feelings of abject despair which I'm sure many here will be familiar with.... For 10 years I have neatly avoided hangovers by dint of simply being slightly squiffy at (almost) all times, so I fear that the mother of all hangovers may be awaiting me once I stop.... Rather like the apocryphal tale of the 1930's bluesman Robert Johnson, who allegedly sold his soul to the Devil at the Crossroads - the Devil must be paid sooner or later (not that I am a believer in religion, but it's a good story nonetheless!)

For the first time, I actually feel motivated to try and do something about the drinking and the other issues, and I feel positive about the decision to join these two forums, and the fact that I have at least been in the same room as an actual doctor (even if he was about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, bless him), but onwards and upwards eh :>)> 

In the interests of full and frank disclosure: to my shame, there is a nearly full almost empty pint of beer next to me as I'm typing this, which must be the.... erm, tenth? eleventy-seventh? or so which I have consumed since last night, so I'm not even remotely sober.... Unfortunately the ability to type is the last thing to go, in my case, long after the ability to walk in a straight line unassisted, or speak without slurring a bit, has departed....

I recently came up with the 'cunning plan' to brew my own ale, as a cheaper, healthier and tastier option than the godawful cheap 'cider' from Aldi (which has never had an apple near it) in the wildly-overoptimistic hope that (besides gaining an enjoyable new hobby), if plentiful delicious homemade IPA was freely available at all times, then I would be able to sample the odd one now and again, without feeling the nightly pressing need to rush down to the shop before closing time and buy the dreadful plonk 'just in case,' and so as not to run out...... I have a feeling that many readers might have spotted the fatal flaw in my genius scheme by this point - namely that after one or two 'samples,' one is seized by the notion that several more would be an excellent idea, all in the name of quality control, of course! 'Tis rather a shame that I have another 5 gallons (40 pints/ 23 litres) sitting in a bucket in the shed, which is ready for bottling within the next day or two..... I suppose I could always give it away, not that I can think of anyone offhand who would want it! :>)>

Hopefully one day soon I will be able to say on here that I have gone X days without a drink, as others on here do, and I look forward to getting involved in this whole posting-on-a-forum malarkey, and accepting the support of likeminded souls - my replies may not always be swift, as I tend to periodically 'disappear off the face of the earth', (much to the consternation of my nearest and dearest), when I can't face communicating with anybody - but having said that, I will try..... and for now, I am trying to fill the endless tipsy hours with typing, until a socially-acceptable bedtime when I can finally crash out...

All the very best wishes to you all, and if you have read this far down my ramblings, then I salute you! 

Woody :>)>





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Welcome, Woody! Great introduction. :)

Sobriety is the goal, not a prerequisite for participation. 

My neighbor brewed his own beer for years, until his kidney function suddenly shut down. He did it because he's a conspiracy theorist and will not drink water from the spout. He imports from his cabin in the mountains where it's not treated with horrible, brain-numbing chemicals that the government puts in our drinking water so we stay stupid and sheep-like. Which is much beside the point, but entertaining! Anyway, different reasons same result, he used to drink quite a bit more than most people... His beer was really good, though, and I have to admit I miss it. 

You can check out the Prescribing Guide for Baclofen here:


Or this brilliant and brand new website, written by an Australian doctor to educate and inform about baclofen use:


Feel free to ask any questions that come up. 

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Hello Woody, welcome

I was most entertained by your fluid and funny post, splattered with wit, a willingness to be educated and a punctuation method of your own - I prefer the - instead of the ... , simply because the ... button on my usual laptop is stuck down with coffee after i spat a mouthful of coffee over it reading one of Spirit's (do not ask) posts - Also my spelling is atrocious and although this Forum (yes Fora is the plural) has a spell checker it is American, so not much use to us Brits <Expecting a tirade of abuse>

Any road getting back to business - So you know you need to stop, for me the next step was to decide what my target was - For me it was a firm, never - never/ever (lol) - I could not see moderation to be negotiable (Maybe slightly changed my view now, having met with people who moderate)

Next I had to decide the route - In fact I  (The Pianna (The Wife) infact) had booked me into a local rehab centre and paid 1k deposit, I was booked in for this January, the 5th to be precise - I had done some investigation before the previous Christmas and had been lucky enough to read some of the posts by @terryk and @Ne1 , amongst others extolling the virtues of Baclofen, read up on this and started my Baclofen journey in December 2015 as the thought of spending another 9 grand on a months treatment made me feel sicker than the booze - The rest is history

There is other help out there, AA but I guess as you have come to a prominently a medication forum, medication is you method of choice

As Ne has pointed out the prescription guide is a must for anyone's Baclofen journey - My advice is to stick to the titration schedule - There are stories of success at a faster rate but plenty of failure, side effects (worse than the usual) - I also would point out, if you smoke pot and it makes you slightly paranoid, the side effects will fuck you up!! - Dont dump the Bac, dump the pot

I currently get my Baclofen from River Pharmacy and it costs about £180.00 for 400 @ 20mg tablets

1 hour ago, Nicnak said:

I am now 31 days AF thanks to Baclofen so if you have any questions ask away 

Wow - A month Nic and with all the shit you have got going on, that is fantastic girl :)

I gotta shoot now as Long Lost Family is on the TV and I need to find the Kleenex

Anyway enough about me :) What are your plans?




Edit: i am crap with emoji' - Is :>)> the woodpeckers nose?

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Hi @Woody Woods Welcome to the forums!

I am a relative "newbie" here myself. I have only been a forum member for about (3) months now. The first thing I can tell you about these forums are all of the people here are either currently suffering like you or have found recovery through Baclofen. The other great thing is that everyone here us super supportive and will go out of there way to help you. Not something you find everywhere. However, they will also be very direct and honest with you which I personally find refreshing and allows you to course correct your dosage if you experience any side effects.

I started my journey with Baclofen (3) months ago. My goal was never abstinence but to be able to drink like a normal person. I am currently at my switch dose and fairly confident that I've reached indifference. Right now I am fighting with trying to get over my habits more so than my cravings. Either way, it's been a ride with a lot of ups and downs but the people here are always willing to steer you in the right direction.

Much like you- AA was not for me. I tried (3) times. I was sober once for (9) months, once for (6) months and another time for (30) days. What I found out was that AA does not treat the symptoms of your issue (anxiety) but rather focuses on the symptom of your illness (drinking). What other illness is treated that way? Imagine if you were very sick with the flu and the doctor just gave you cough medicine? I also just could never buy-in to the fact that my alcoholism was a created due to my being a bad person. What other disease do they treat this way? Imagine if a cancer patient went to get help and they told him/her to find a higher power and list all of their spiritual short-comings? What a bunch of Malarkey.

Anyway, like you I found these forums via My Way Out and I'm grateful that I did.

I am still learning myself but so far indifference has been great. Last night my friend brought over a 12 pack of Coor's light for our monthly movie night. Over the course of 2 hours I drank 2. I cracked a 3rd, took two sips and dumped it down the drain. I had not desire to drink anymore. It just amazes me what Bacofen can do. It also amazes me how many doctor's here in the states are ignorant or unaware of a tested/proven treatment and still push people to AA.

Anyway- I am the type of person that likes to gather as much information as possible on anything I put in my body. There is a great book written by Dr. Oliver Ameisen called The End of my Addicion. Dr. Ameisen was the one who found and developed the use of Baclofen for alcoholism. It's an easy read (quite enjoyable actually) and he walks you through his story of how he reached indifference to alcohol using Baclofen. I've read my copy twice and have no further need of it at this point. If you want it you are welcome to it. Just Message me your address and I'll get it in the mail this week! However, if you don't want you share personal info I get that as well- just wanted to put the offer out there.

If you have any newbie questions feel free to ask me anytime. I am still in the beginning phases but still have a ton to learn. There are many people on here with years of Baclofen use that could probobly provide better insight than myself so ask away!

Anyway- enough talky talky. Welcome- glad to have you!

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