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The End of my Addiction

just watched some of Dr Amanda Stafford’s videos on Baclofen against alcoholism


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Otter posted this on mywayout, not sure if it was posted here, but i found the videos really interesting


Practical Protocol for Prescribing Baclofen

From one man’s experience to 100,000 patients

Abstinence or Social Drinking on Baclofen?

Baclofen Assisted Alcohol Withdrawl

Paris to Perth - How I found Baclofen

Does Baclofen help with other addictions?

How long does Baclofen treatment need to be for?

Why does Baclofen fail in some patients?

Anxiety and Alcoholism - the missing piece of the puzzle

What other treatments can help when treating alcoholism with baclofen ?

If Baclofen is so great why isn’t everyone using it already?

Tips for Tough Cases

Why Baclofen is not PBS subsidised for alcohol addiction treatment?

Slow release Baclofen - Is it possible?


I found the video If Baclofen is so great why isn’t everyone using it already? in particular interesting, it really highlights how it's dr Ameisen's book was what started a patient demand for the drug, I think it shows how important sites like these are that patients be aware of baclofen, almost like a grass roots campaign to make it a main stream accepted treatment. I know for one without mywayout there is no way i would have found out about baclofen. There is no incentive to do studies on baclofen since there is not money making potential since its an old drug and thus no patent. forums like this one are important to spread the word to not limit out treatment options to what greedy pharmaceutical companies drugs they can patent to treat us instead of what works best.


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She's a very articulate speaker, isn't she?

I really like her comparison of baclofen treatment & how difficult docs find to accept it with the discovery of H. pylori as the cause of indigestion - she refers to it in that video, & I read the story is on her website. Worth reading. No one believed that a bug could cause indigestion, it turned all their thinking upside down - & now no one disputes it!

She also makes the point yet again that, as you say, bac is a blow to Big Pharma because it's a cheap generic & they can't profit from it.

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