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The End of my Addiction

Dr. Amanda Stafford's Baclofen website

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Here is Dr. Stafford's Baclofen Treatment  for Alcoholism website for those who may have missed it.  I just sent it to my doc.  Although she's already a Baclofen believer, I thought she would be interested in the section for physicians interested in prescribing Baclofen.  

Dr. Stafford references EOMA under resources/useful links :) 



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I'm at work and haven't had time to look at the link provided, so this may not be relevant at all, but when I first took baclofen I saw it as pretty much the end of the rehab business as we know it. I envisioned the new rehab being like a digs, where everyone just sat around watching dvd's, drinking beer and eating pizza for a few weeks, waiting to get to a big enough baclofen number before returning to the world. It's hard to imagine how to justify the current model of rehab with a scientific approach to the problem, and a chemical cure in hand. Or at least, hard to justify the fees!

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That's one of the reasons we don't see a big Baclofen push.  However this website isn't for a rehab clinic.  It's about how to use Baclofen to stop drinking like we all did, and how doctor's can prescribe it for their patients like mine did.  It covers Dr. Ameison's story and goes from there.

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