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The End of my Addiction

Are there any Baclofen doctors in Colorado


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I was just checking on My Way Out for doctors in Denver. It turns out that a former member did have a doctor that prescribed baclofen in Denver. I just messaged him to see if he would provide me with that info. I looked at his thread but he hasn't posted there in a while. I sent him a PM. I could give you some possible leads for doctors within an 8-ish hour drive from you. Will keep you posted. 

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Welcome to EOMA, Susan!

If you're thinking of COSgringo, Felina, I don't think there's a way to reach him anymore. Not that it's not worth a try! 

I know of one other person who lives in CO, but no idea where and it's a big state! Fortunately, Denver in particular is ahead of the curve when it comes to treating alcoholism. It would be worth your while, @Susan, to make some calls and ask the intake person if the doctor uses medications, particularly baclofen. It's hard to do, I know, but your chances of success are pretty good! 

Keep in touch and hang in there, Susan! 

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