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The End of my Addiction

Podcast with Maia Szalavitz

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I mentioned on another thread a podcast I enjoy called The Urban Monk. I don't listen to it regularly, because it's pretty hippy-dippy and makes me feel like I should be living all-natural, all-organic, all-waste-free, all-stress-free and essentially be the Dalai Lama. Even the Dalai Lama wouldn't meet those standards if he weren't the Dalai Lama!

I like him because he can be a bit snarky and he swears. A lot. He is no stranger to the breadth and depth of the word fuck. A kindred spirit, in that way. 

But I tuned in yesterday and the host was talking with Maia Szalavist, who is one of my heroes. She is a reporter and author who has done incredible research and activism about addictions in general and treatments for addiction specifically. 


(There's also one about mushrooms, which I should put in the holistic health section, but I'm outta time. Here it is:


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