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The End of my Addiction

Hello from LordUx !


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Hi, good afternoon - this is my first post here, so I'll keep it to a few paragraphs, as I expect to be writing more in the days and weeks ahead.

The reason I'm here is because, like many posters, I have struggled with alcohol use and abuse for many years.  I'm now in my mid-thirties, and am lucky enough to have quite a happy life.  I am married, live in a nice house in a nice town, and have a good job which I enjoy (though obviously, it is still work and comes with both busy and quiet times). Bottom line, I am not a depressed or unhappy person; mostly.

I am, however, a little odd when it comes to my sense of what I view as an appropriate system of rewards and relaxation for myself. That system has developed away from alcohol as being a recreational indulgence, and towards a daily 'work is over, let's chill out with a drink' routine. And, we're not just talking a glass of wine with dinner here. At the moment, having about two litres of beer per day is not abnormal for me (and that's on weekdays).

Due in part to my age, and my work and home responsibilities, getting blackout drunk (or to the point of being a couple of drinks shy of it) is not something that happens very often at all; possibly once or twice per year, though this used to be much more when I was a student. There are times when I'm away with work that I'll deliberately stay out late drinking, just because I know that I can. The part of my brain that governs (!) my alcohol intake declares open season on drinking because 'there's no reason not to do it'.

Well... I can think of a few. But, they aren't convincing enough to me when the time comes to make the decision. I mean, everyone else in the bar is drinking, what's the problem..?  

The problem is, it's bad for me.  It makes me feel and look worse than I should.  It gives me a rather bizarre frame of reference for managing finances, where spending £50 over the course of a few days on beer doesn't give me pause for thought, but spending the same on a pair of trousers actually does.  Of buying the trousers, I'll think 'Do I really need these trousers?' - never asking myself the same question about the beers. Hey, of course I don't need them, I'm just chilling out.

Only, I'm not even doing that any more, because my tolerance is high enough that four beers doesn't have much of a relaxing effect on me these days.  It tends to make me fancy another four beers. So, what am I actually  doing it for? Mostly, I conclude, because I did it yesterday, and am thus expecting to do it again today. Simple as that.

Last Friday, I read an article in a popular UK newspaper that told the stories of Samuel Blaise, and of Olivier Ameisen. I was impressed enough that I've spent the weekend listening to videos and reading articles about baclofen - specifically around why it helps to adjust the reward mechanic that goes on in the brains of people like me.  I am not expecting to take baclofen and become a new person in short order, but I am hoping that it may help me to point my impulses away from the bottle and towards something a little more rewarding in life.

Further, I feel that - for the first time in my life - I should be in touch with people who have experienced similar problems.  There's clearly much to learn from doing so, so this is my first step.

I'll let you know how it goes.  Thank you for reading.

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Afternoon - I read your post with interest, thinking at several points you were talking about me

In particular the £50.00 on booze or clothes really struck a cord - It is as if booze is now a part of your life, like food or blood - Clothes? - Well, I have got another pair so, WTF

I was not aware the Samuel Blaise report was in the UK press, the online article was as US web effort and has not gone down well with Baclofen users, successful anyway 

I am glad you took the time to read through the negativity to investigate further and join the Forum to broaden your own knowledge 

Baclofen is not a miracle cure as you know, it takes time and dedication with the titration and tapering to avoid the worst of the side effects, which are, in my experience, manageable 

You may want to peruse the Essential Baclofen Research list

It is common knowledge that Baclofen can be obtained from various sources I have heard good reports from some EU countries that may alleviate and customs issues that may occur when importing from outside the union

I have managed to persuade my GP to prescribe Baclofen to me on a NHS script - The information listed above was a large part of the case I presented to her

Finally, it is Not illegal to import Baclofen from abroad into the UK for personal consumption - However, you may be liable for import duty (Customs & Excise)

Good luck




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Thank you Bacman for your comments, and the links you have provided.  As you recommend, I am planning to take great care over the dosage when the delivery finally lands.

Fortunately, I'm not in such a bad place that I am 'in a rush' to get immediate results from starting this - although my health would be much improved by the absence of alcohol, I am not by most people's standards a 'dangerous' person after a few beers.

I'll post here with news and developments of interest, and try to learn as much as possible from the kind posts and efforts of everyone else here in the meantime!

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