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The End of my Addiction

Sleep is vital

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A few years ago, we had a weight-loss challenge at work. Of course, I won. Weight loss has never been easy for me. However, I got to a bad place in life. I decided that I would give it "one last shot." I just couldn't continue on with the life I was "living." I brought all of my knowledge to bear -- my Biology degree, my decades of health research/study, anecdotal knowledge/experience/etc.  I cobbled together a plan for me -- of my own design. It was basically:

* No processed food; I've only recently learned that I'm gluten-intolerant; this eliminated gluten

* anti-inflammatory; I avoided cr*p and added things like turmeric

* I would follow "old people advice;" I got plenty of sleep; this was NOT my norm. I used to get 4-5 hours of sleep per night (which I did in my twenties and thirties)


The link (below) doesn't provide sources. However, I've read plenty of peer-reviewed articles backing-up the content/assertions. I THINK (and thought then) that SLEEP was the biggest contributor to my success. I'd tried before/since a few permutations of this diet... and sleep seems to be a key (if not the most important) variable. Oh, and I DID NOT DRINK during that period. I can abstain. AND I CAN DRINK! But I suck at anything in-between. Meh.  I hope that this helps someone. Oh, FYI, I dropped 46lbs in a few months doing this. As we all know, booze degrades sleep quality... and, as I read it, poor sleep leads to more booze. It's a viscous circle. I know that it's easier to resist drinking when I feel better. YMMV.




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We have another saying, in addition to JKTTP. It's "Guard your sleep." Baclofen causes, among other SEs, insomnia for most of us when we're titrating up and as you pointed out, it's particularly important to get good quality sleep in order to be well. It's tough though. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling wide awake and ready to start the day. At 3am. Some sleep aids work, at least for a short time, but they're all bad for quality sleep and can cause, among other things, dependence. (I don't take sleep medications at all, ever. But others do, and I don't begrudge them the desire for sleep at all costs!) Sleeplessness also compounds other side effects of this medication. 

Sleeplessness in new sobriety is also pretty common and equally debilitating. 

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