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The End of my Addiction

Man in the Netherlands euthanised due to his alcohol addiction


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This guy had been in and out of detoxes and treatments, i can't say for sure if he ever tried the medication route but given how few people actually use medications to stop drinking id hazzard to guess no. it got me thinking what are the suicide rates for people who are alcoholics. this website says http://www.mces.org/pages/suicide_fact_alcohol.php



Among those who are alcohol dependent, 18% complete suicide. Alcohol plays a major role in suicides among elders and veterans

not to mention the people who die due to alcoholism itself cirrhosis of the liver for example.

its why its so important that these drugs be made more aware of, in my opinion, therapy alone can do little for some alcoholics, i know i was one of them, theres no words you can tell me that will fix a damaged reward system and relentless cravings.

i suppose i put this here as a reminder that even if these forums don't reach many people, the ones that successfully stop drinking at dangerous levels such as myself, it saves lives. when i was an alcoholic i thought of suicide everyday, so it hit close to home for me, how lucky i was to find baclofen and of course dr Ameisen's work in finding a cure 

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I am not sure what to say on that article, although one of the comments did make me think a little

So it's not really about "enabling" anything, but rather "preventing" or "mitigating" what is already inevitable.

Regarding the increased suicide rates within the alcoholic sector, I would suggest that adding alcohol to an already alcohol depressed persona is a likely factor in the stats results

Certainly for me, whilst their are certain individuals I would suggest as ideal candidates for euthanasia, as an over the counter or prescription tool for use at home, it is a concern

I cannot imagine the state of mind of the patient to have planned this - I guess I will never know, unless I am there <sigh>




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