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The End of my Addiction



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Seems there is some study into Mirtazapine alone for AUD, and for Comorbidity of Depression and AUD.  No separate heading for research.

Some links.

Mirtazapine in Comorbid Major Depression and Alcohol Dependence: An Open-Label Trial

Mirtazapine, and mirtazapine-like compounds as possible pharmacotherapy for substance abuse disorders: Evidence from the bench and the bedside

^^ Full manuscript can be found on some scientific epub/torrent sites.


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I want to expand on this for a moment. This is the best "for me" antidepressant if I even need one. I was totally normal and slightly high within regards to ALT blood testing and all of a sudden I spiked.  I did have a relapse while this occoured but I had blood tests done including ALT after the lapse and was within margin after time off of mirtazapine but drinking heavily.  Upon resumption of Mirt after the lapse my ALT is now elevated and looking at the meds I use, Mirtazapine seems to be the culprit (well my bender being the initial and my liver being angry at me).  Before you use this do get your blood checked and then have it checked regularly for ALT to see if there are indicators to liver issues. I exhibit no features of liver or renal compromise so whether its worth the benefits of AL free and indifference is of question. I am attempting to rid myself of liver process drug compounds just in case.  Next blood test will let me see what the heck is happening.


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