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The End of my Addiction

Long Time Bac user here - Some advice needed on "resetting" my bac use


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First time posting, I had a little look around to see if this was a topic covered in any obvious FAqs or anything...if it was then I missed it so many apologies if Im asking a regular question.

I've been on Bac for about four years now. Im lucky enough to have a prescribing doctor at 100mg a day but I also purchase myself and have gone from 100 to 200 and more a day over this period of time.

Over the last 6 months my bac use has become less regimented. Im at 250mg to 300mg a day now...and drinking, occasionally to excess. My drinking is one or two days sober then half a bottle of wine, then a day or two sober and half a bottle of wine...then a day or two sober and 1 or 1/2 bottles of wine...almost always wine, occasionally cider if I am out. And I feel a buzz from the booze, though thankfully not the "must have another and another and another" kick that drinking without Baclofen used to give me...I used to drink until Oblivion, so now my intake is at least not as bad as it was before Bac.

I'd like to titerate down to reduce my obvious tolerance to bac and then almost "start again" to look for a switch. I want to go AF for a period of time for weight and fitness goals (Ive lost 20 kilos since starting bac and an exercise regime but have about 5 more to go)..but my drinking is back and not inside my own control. Not to mention 300mg a day gets expensive.

sorry for the long post.... has anyone got any experience of reducing bac use in order to go back up to a switch again?


Thanks for your time if you read this far.




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@adam777 I have experienced going back to drinking after being at my switch for awhile.  I titrated up until it was under control.  If you have an issue now, it is only going to get worse IMO if you titrate down.  If it were me, I would increase until you have it back in control, and then consider titrating down.  My second switch was 310 mg.  I stayed there for 10 months and am now titrating down 10 mg per week.  I don't think you need to stay at high doses for that long, but my opinion is that you need to get it back under control.

Also... there is a psychological side of quitting.  Until I learned to manage stress and anxiety, my first go to was alcohol.  Even with Bac, I had to make a decision to stop drinking.  I didn't find it as easy as some when I reached my 'switch'.  I think it's because I was relying of AL for so dang long.  Good luck! :) 

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Thanks for the reply.

Wow, for me to go upwards would take me into 300+ mgs a day...I find that a little scary but am willing to try.

I totally understand your point about the psychological side of quitting. For me it is getting through a tough day or a tough week (work wise). Like many of us I have a very stressful job, and when that stressful period is done for a period of time Im like "Hey...Relief.....Drinkies!"   I dont drink when there is a lot of shit in my life as I know that makes things really bad, I drink when things are great....and then things stop being great.   So I guess I need to finds new ways to celebrate.

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