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The End of my Addiction



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I've put  on so much weight in the last two months. Does anyone know how Xenical or L Carnitine work with Baclofen? Need to loose weight asap.

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Carnitine is an amino acid. Although your body needs it, the body is able to synthesize it. So, there's no need to take "extra" (through the wonders of biofeedback, the body will stop producing it in the presence of its abundance).  I've only heard of body builders using it to "bulk up." I don't know of any other valid/necessary use (n.b., I was a vegan for quite a while -- uh, and have a biology degree).

I absolutely disagree with the overly simplified "energy expenditure must exceed input." While I'm not disputing physics, I'm calling bullsh1t on all "calories" being equal (er, kinda; 1Kcal is the energy req'd to heat 1g of H20 1C). The body doesn't "use" all "calories" equally.  You might want to read Gary Taube's book "Why we get fat" (he's a respectable science writer/editor/etc).  Sarah Ballantyne's "The Paleo Approach" is science-dense and is excellent (although only slightly flawed).

There is no healthy quick way to lose weight. Er, unless you're dealing with inflammation. I HAPPENED to drop 24lbs in two months with zero effort when I removed gluten from my diet. HOWEVER, it turns-out that I can't handle gluten. That's a small subset of the population.  My advice?  Eat real food (not that processed crap -- like bread and things from packages), drink water, avoid sugar, do mild exercise, and get plenty of sleep (sleep is very important for weight loss).

Any rapidly-lost weight (through shennanigans) will likely come right back when you give-up whatever asshat diet you're using.  L-glutamine is good for your gut health... but you're wasting your money if you don't fix your diet, first.  Alcohol is very damaging to your gut flora and will absolutely impede your weight loss efforts.  But, hey, we're here because we know that booze is ruining our lives (not all lives... but just we the lucky few).  Good luck!


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