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The End of my Addiction

Naltrexone crazy prices


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It doesn't get me high, exact opposite.  What the F.  I thought this was out of patent and should be cheap.  Thats 8.33 a pill.  We should not be making it cost prohibitive when most alcoholics have hit rock bottom and broke.  Do we not think that alcoholism costs more than a drug.  Or is this some sort of genetic cleaning prosess to wean out those with that gene.  For the love of God all my friends are dying because they cannot afford this or don't have benefits.

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Roughly 3/4 USD vs CAD.  So CAD is worth about 75 cents and varies up and down.  Its currently 76 cents, the opposing is 1.33.  At one time it was equal and in prior decades CAD was more than USD.  Depends how you search it CAD vs USD or USD vs CAD.  NAL 50mg for 8.33CAD so about 6.80 USD.

Should note that where I live if I take a hour drive (including both ways and bridge times) booze costs 1/3.  It used to be 10 minutes from, about 20 minutes to and fro from where I lived.  Its insane.  It leads you to hoard huge amounts of alcohol.  I probably just got myself on the watch list!  Where I live we pay about a dollar and a bit more in CAD for an ounce for quality liquor (in a bottle, not from a bar).  We are not a healthy society in North America and there is so much irregularity its nuts.  Where I live all prices are balanced.  Go to Illinois though and in Chicago it costs twice the amount as it does in a small town.  What I have learned about the USA is that liquor is taxed by location and not in general across the state or country.  Shit I was in southern illinois and got 60oz for like 14$.  Something is very wrong.

What this means in math and common cliche (that booze is more expensive than meds) is totally wrong.  It might be here depending on your level of dependency but we are hurting people all over NA with screwed up insurance and doctors fees.  In Canada we do not pay for our doctors (mostly unless its elective) but we pay extreme amounts for medication.  The states I worry about a lot.  I don't want to get into the political but Obama being from Michigan; who knew a ton of Canadian people tried to change things.  Drops Microphone about politics because I have too much to say and don't want trouble.

Medication costs to much in Canada and there is little we are doing about it.

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