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UK customs charges


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I have had at least 4 orders of baclofen from Sunshinepharma, but the latest which arrived today was the first to incur customs charges, about £20.  All the previous orders, like this one, were correctly labelled with regard to the contents "Pacifen 10 mg" & the amount.  So I don't know why the others sailed past HMRC & this one didn't.  They all came via Parcelforce to its Nottingham depot as far as I can remember, though I had no reason to track the others, this one I had to pay online with my credit card before they would deliver.

What's reassuring though is the fact that customs must have noted that it was a prescription only medication ordered for personal use - & they had no valid reason for seizing it or preventing it from going through.  A while back I think @Baclofenman & I did a bit of a search for the regulation which made the ordering of such meds "legal" - we couldn't find anything that said it was, or anything that said it wasn't, ie it seems that HMRC don't want you to know that it's OK!  This could be seen as a bit of a paternalistic protection of the great British public against being poisoned by nasty foreign manufactured drugs.  I can't think of any other reason why they would be so coy about clarifying UK law for the benefit of its citizens.

The only consignment of baclofen I have had seized by customs was ages ago when the sender mislabelled it as health product or herbal remedy or something clearly designed to avoid customs charges - or as their website put it "discreetly labelled to avoid embarrassment" as most of these websites make their money by shipping Cialis or other sex aids to the UK.

So. £20 down, but confident to  keep on ordering from a website that properly labels its packages.

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IIRC, Molly, you may still be liable to pay customs on them, even tho the import is not illegal. I assume the others sailed past as someone or something was not paying attention... Never, I hear you say. 

Then again I think it depends where it comes from and what the consignment is worth. Value dictates the tax and VAT you may need to pay.




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