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The End of my Addiction

Need help


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My last drink was in August 2016 but I still have really bad cravings to drink. I know I will relapse soon if I keep feeling like this. What I've tried:

-detox (have been detoxed in a hospital 4 times)

-intensive outpatient (twice)

-one on one counseling (on and off for 3 years)

-AA (been going on and off for 6 years)

-medication: Campral (which made be depressed so I had to stop). Naltrexone: I was supposed to get the Vivitrol shot but the nurse practitioner said I had to take naltrexone pills first to make sure I did not have severe side effects. I took 1/4 a Naltrexone pill the first day like the nurse said and I couple hours later I was extremely dizzy and throwing up violently. So the nurse said I was not a good candidate for Vivitrol. 

-Taking Zoloft for about 6 months for anxiety

I feel like I will relapse soon if I don't find a way to get rid of the cravings to drink. Alcohol came close to ruining my life, I'm just now starting to rebuild my relationship with my family and my career. But I literally still think about drinking every day and I know I will cave eventually if I keep on feeling like this. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Mirtazapine and Gabapentin are my mainstays but recently have widdled down the Gabapentin to 0 but it definitely helped for me initially.  I have a ton of naltrexone but rarely take it now after months and months using it. I take campral but I find it's making me moody.  Cut the caffeine completely out as it made me nuts and hyperactive.  Still not perfect but I remind myself constantly about what the alternative is and yikes 40oz of spirits a day is not good.  I lapse hard, not sure what your substance of choice is but mine is vodka.  It will kill me if I return to it so I deal with the meds and side effects.  Gabapentin was a concept of my specialist to avoid valium.  It's nothing like valium but heck whatever got me through.

High dose baclofen is used often on this site but I have limited experience with it.

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