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The End of my Addiction

Hello to All


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Hello All,

I signed up to this forum when I was moose62 but I'm now more of a "moose63" (63 year old male from Australia) - I came here after the meds thread on MWO went off the rails but have only been an occaisional reader here and this is my first post.

I started drinking at around 20 years old to deal with anxiety and have drunk steadily over the last 40+ years - my intake varies proportionally to whatever stressors are acting in my life at the moment - my current consumption is about 10-14 units of mainly white wine 6 days a week - that seems to be the "sweet spot" for me and this level has pretty much applied all my drinking career - I'm a wine o'clock person and never drink before about 5pm and drink through to about 9 when it's time to lapse into a coma for the night - I don't think of myself as an alcoholic but, after all this time, I'm definitely habituated to drinking enough to forget about the day past and not think about the day to come - I go to my happy place.

I had no health consequences apart from hangovers till about the age of 45 when I was diagnosed with fatty liver - I have tried to manage this  while still banging down my 10-14 units most days for the last 18 years - I have taken a varying supplement cocktail including milk thistle, B group vitamins, Kudzu, NAC, ALA, Liv.52, amino acids and whatever else looks good on iHerb - I still have fatty liver but I've never had an elevated liver enzyme test result so I'm thankful for that - but I realise I'm pushing my luck and drinking hurts me more now and the periods of sobriety I achieve when I try just feel so damn good that it's time to give it another serious go.

I have a very supportive doc and a standing prescription for bac 25mg x 100 x 6 repeats renewed when I need it but to date I haven't persisted with a dosing protocol to try and achieve indifference - I've found bac to be, far and away, the best anti anxiety medication I've ever used (and I've tried a few) and so that's how I've used it - symptomatically in situations where anxiety would have led me to drink way over my norm and also to give myself a rest from drinking before the desire for numbing returns.

I'm posting here now because I found posting on the newbies nest on MWO to be very helpful - caring support and keeping me honest - I dropped away from that because I felt a fraud for lasting varying periods from 10 to 30 days before starting drinking again - like I knew I was going to cave eventually and was using the goodwill and support of the other forum members to help me have a booze break.

So this time around I'm just going to give it a go and record here honestly my progress - I don't aspire to never drinking again at this point - but I want to get some serious sober time in and give bac a chance to do whatever it will for me.

With my drinking pattern I'm going to try first the regime recommended by Dr Amanda Stafford for people who only drink at night:-


it's basically a titration schedule with 3 daily doses at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm initially to deal with the cravings that only trigger at wine o'clock - I know for myself that if I get through the danger zone from 4pm onwards and also have a meal it's unlikely that I will drink that night - this schedule too will hopefully mimimise a bit of the daytime drowsiness I know will affect me.

So thankyou for reading this rather long post and I look forward to getting to know you all.


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Welcome @Moose!  That sounds like a good plan.  Since your doc is on board, have you ever considered combing the Bac with Naltrexone using the Sinclair method?  Since you don’t start until 5, one pill at 4 might be a great addition.  I wish I had done that looking back.  Good luck!

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Hi Mom2JTx3, thankyou for the welcome and the advice - I know of the Sinclair method but have never tried Naltrexone - I need to see my doc in the next 3-4 weeks so I'll see how I go with a serious attempt to do a  bac titration and decide before I see him.

I seem to be pretty sensitive to Bac - my standard dose is 1/4 to 1/2 a 25mg tablet - don't think I've ever taken more than 35-40mg in a day - so I'm hoping to get a good response from it - an early switch would be nice - if the switch dose is related to your consumption it's possible mine could happen under 100mg?

I'm starting this afternoon on 1/4 tabs anyway and will stay with that for a few days before moving up.

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