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The End of my Addiction

Your switch dosage?


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Hi everyone,

I'm into my 4th month taking Baclofen with successful results thus far - I'm at around 250mg per day after having gone as high as around 350mg per day.  I feel like I am close to my "switch" dosage for indifference, and I am wondering what other people's eventual daily dosage became once they reached this point.  I'm sure it's across the board, but I'd love to compare notes.  Thanks so much.

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Hi Felina,

Thank you so much for getting back to me - I really appreciate it.  I was definitely starting to feel side effects when going as high as 400mg, and came down from there - I won't go back to that level again, as it was too much.   But I never really felt like I had a complete switch to indifference - I'm definitely not drinking as much as I was before, but I suppose I was looking for a silver bullet of complete indifference, which has yet to come.  The good news is that I now feel much more capable of simply not drinking while on Baclofen, while when not on it, it was just assumed that I would be drinking throughout the course of a normal day.  That is a wonderful change.  

Did you ever go above 190mg daily?  Was that where you reached your indifference?

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