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The End of my Addiction

Finding a doctor


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I live on the West Coast of the United States. To my surprise, I persuaded my primary care physician to prescribe me 90 MG of Baclofen. She later agreed to up the dose to 120 MG, but I sensed some reluctance. I think I can talk her into upping the dose to 150 MG at some point, but anything higher than that will be a challenge. 

So far, Baclofen has been a godsend. I unexpectedly quit caffeine and have reduced my alcohol intake to 3 beers a day. I have felt very little side-effects, and usually feel a slight glow after I take my dose. 

And while I'm fairly happy with the situation, I would like to take it to the next level if my doctor won't go any hire. My goal is the indifference that Dr. Ameisen found.

Does anyone know a doctor in the US, Canada or Mexico who would be willing to write me a prescription for a higher dose? I'm prepared to travel for an appointment. Also, can a doctor from another country write me a prescription?  

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@Tony  have you thought about ordering on line?  That’s what I did to supplement what my doc gave me.  I used gold pharma.  There is information on this site with a list of on line pharmacies.

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