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The End of my Addiction

Checking in May 2019

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Hello all (or few) on TEOMA. I haven't been on here for a long while. I hope everyone is going okay.

I think I have found the source of my sore lower back. It seems to be the Bac, although I should wait a little longer to confirm. I have titrated down from 125mg over the last month or so to 25mg. My back doesn't ache almost all the time as it did. My solmenance has all but gone too.

I started to notice it on 37.5mg (a pill and a half) a few weeks ago. Until then I would regularly (but randomly) have a lower back ache... often waking me at night, I'd getting it sitting, standing, sometimes it would just suddenly stop for a while without me seeming to do anything. Some days it seemed endless. Drove me crazy.

I have been doing some work on my cars recently and got a sore back after, but it disappeared soon after -- unlike when on a higher dose of Bac, where I would know all about the pain for all that day and the next.

I do still get slight soreness, it's the same ache but much less -- it's barely noticable.

When I saw an rheumaologist 3 years ago he said it couldn't be the bac causing the pain. Well, after x-rays, blood tests etc etc showing nothing wrong and now I'm mostly free of the pain, I beg to differ... arthritis is well and truly in my family and I have some knee and finger joint pain, but the back ache was different.

I am still indifferent, even more so if that is possible. I don't really understand that. I last drank about 3 weeks ago on a work trip. I felt peer-pressure to do so. They were light beers -- I had four or five over about 3 hours -- and I didn't really enjoy them. I certainly did not want more.

I still don't have a handle on my depression. My daughter is being a rotten teenager. I love her dearly but she's been doing things lately that made me very anxious and stressed. So I've started smoking again, after almost 12 months. God that's so annoying. Anyway, I am trying to get a plan together to stop again.

THe thing is I really wanted an escape from the stress, from my feelings but a drink was the last thing I wanted. It seemed like I couldn't imagine anything I wanted less.

I have used exercise a lot to try to manage stress and also 10-minute meditations but clearly those weren't enough.

I think now that Bac-induced solmenance is out of the way, I should be able to exercise more and hopefully give away the cigs again.

Anyway, enough blather from me. How's everyone else going?

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Hi @MJM!  Glad to hear you’re doing well with the drinking.  Hope the exercise helps the depression.  My dh swears by it :) 


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Hi I have been taking baclofen for about 7 months with only one relepse of 20 days of very heavy drinking almost 2 bottles of Vodka a day but that was on january so I decided to stay with baclofen but im taking 50 ro 60 mg a day and I want to drink so wath do you recomend me to do

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On 5/15/2019 at 10:51 AM, Lor said:

Hi I have been taking baclofen for about 7 months with only one relepse of 20 days of very heavy drinking almost 2 bottles of Vodka a day but that was on january so I decided to stay with baclofen but im taking 50 ro 60 mg a day and I want to drink so wath do you recomend me to do

If you mean you still have AL cravings then you may need to increase your Bac dose; there is no set dose that will make one reach indifference, it seems. Or you might try to spread out the existing dose you're taking during the day to most effectively counter the cravings.

Also, I suggest you have a look at this if you haven't already: https://baclofentreatment.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Prescribing-Guide-for-Baclofen-in-the-Treatment-of-Alcoholism-Don.pdf

 For me, I titrated up to around 270mg per day and eventually settled on a maintenance dose of 150mg per day. I had been taking Effexor for depression and when I titrated off that, I found the Bac MUCH more effective. Before I did that, I would have cravings and drink for weeks on the Bac, almost every night, then seem to be able to be craving-free for a few months.

Certain anti-depressants like Effexor can increase or even introduce cravings. I consulted with my Dr before coming off Effexor though.

Do you have a GP or psych Dr you can consult? I know it's a bit like the Wild West out there getting good medical advice about Bac -- but it is really important if you can get some direct advice.


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Hi MJM, yes IT was kind of dificoult down here in México but I have a doctor who was in charge of a small study with Vivitrol and he said to me that bac and naltrexone combo was very good but I dont like pretty much the idea of that mix and I hacen seen him but am steel alcohol free for 3 months with just one beer last week so im tiratering very slowly and am taking 60 and 70 mg a day of bac maybe its a better bit the kratom I dont know

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