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The End of my Addiction

Baclofen + Gabapentin? Has Anyone Had Success With This Combo?

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Hello, hope everyone is doing well. Newbie here - family member perspective. Advocating for my loved one as am his primary agent. Current doctor is indicating that you cannot mix Gabapentin and Baclofen -- he has to choose to be on one or the other. Another psychiatrist indicates that they indeed can be used in combo effectively? This is for a person who has been on Gabapentin and Campral (has previouslytried Naltrexone), and continues to suffer greatly despite  therapy etc. Any advice overall and/or on a regimen/dosages that worked for you? Already has cirrhosis so that's a factor too. Thank you so much in advance for sharing your experiences. 

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Hi @soulfine99,

I take both baclofen and gabapentin. I am currently on 100 mg baclofen and 400 mg gabapentin per day, with zero side effects. I was previously on a much higher dose of baclofen, but have tapered down over the years. The baclofen keeps the alcohol cravings at bay, and the gabapentin helps me to stay asleep throughout the night (I used to have horrible early morning insomnia). I have zero side effects from the combo, and have never had any problems with it. I think I added the gabapentin around 8 months ago. 

The baclofen is prescribed by a doctor, but I ordered the gabapentin online to escape the headache of trying to negotiate it with the same doctor. 



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