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The End of my Addiction



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Hi everyone. My name is Eric and I am struggle with Alcohol use disorder. I live in Toronto, Canada and I am seeing a counsellor, and about 2.5 months ago I started going on Naltrexone using the Sinclair Method. Thus far, I have not found hardly any success and am feeling frustrated. 

I heard about Baclofen from a Facebook group, and found my way here. 

Some of what I have read seems quite promising. The problem is that it took a bit for me to convince my GP to even consider prescribing me Naltrexone. Now I have to see if she would prescribe Baclofen, which she also probably has not heard of. Is there anyone in Toronto who knows of a doc who is willing prescribe it?




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Bless you! Thank you! I am really hoping to be able to try a "one-two" punch on my addition with both Naltrexone and baclofen!  I thank you very much for your response. I noticed that there were not many people on the site and was worried I would get no response.

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