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The End of my Addiction

Help With Baclofen WDs, please!


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Hoping for some help from a desperate alcoholic and addict! I was recently in a treatment center for alcohol and drugs (was successfully detoxed off of Xanax), and they put me on Baclofen, 10mg 3x day for the benzo Wds. I really didnt think anything of it, as I had no knowledge of Baclofen except that it was a .muscle relaxer.

After being on the 30mg for about 6 weeks, I stopped taking it, again, not thinking too much of it. That night I was hit with the most crippling ANXIETY I have ever had!!! Even worse than benzo wds anxiety!! And that's BAD! I also felt really out of it, couldn't sleep, and crazy racing thoughts! Immediately I knew it was Baclofen as that had been the only thing that changed. I went back on to 20mg/day for about a week, then back to 30mg/day. I've been on it for a total of about 8 weeks now.

Last night I didnt take my nighttime dose, took a dose this morning, then went out of the house and didnt take any of my daytime doses. I got the WORST withdrawals again!! This time they came with a rapid heart rate and palpitations!!

I am so scared now that all my hard work getting clean will be derailed by baclofen. I have 14 10mg pills left and I want off!! The only think that scares me after reading this forum a little, is what if the great feeling I've had since quitting xanax and alcohol have not been bc I am clean but bc of the baclofen? I hadn't realized ppl use it for long term anxiety and that is one of my biggest issues. What if I get off the baclofen (if I can get off) and feel terrible all the time? I'm very worried.

My plan is to break all the 10mg pills in half, giving me 28 5 mg doses. I will take 3/day, 15mg, for the first 5 days (15 doses), then 2/day, 10mg, for 5 days (10 doses), then 1 day, 5mg, for 3 days (3 doses for a total of 28 doses). Does that sound like a reasonable plan? Should I go into even smaller doses? Baclofen is very strong even 5mg it has noticeable effects for me. I never knew the nightmare I was setting myself up for. I need help please, I know this forum seems dead but if anyone is around pls help me, I'm really messed up over this and I dont know what to do.

Thank you, Thank you. Please help me.


Ps. I also have a large supply of Gabapentin, can this help alleviate the Baclofen wds? I think they work on the same receptor so I'm thinking possibly they can help. Thanks!

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Today I'm stuck in a parking lot feeling like I'm going to throw up, sweating profusely, and so much anxiety I can barely move. This had been an ongoing nightmare that doesnt end. I took 5mg of Baclofen in the morning about 10am, and 5 more mg around 4pm. I am feeling a tiny bit better, but fearing the next battle. I wish I had never taken this medication. I'm sure it may have its benefits, but right now all I see is hell. 

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Baclofen takes the place of alcohol so stopping taking it is a really bad idea. You go into delerium tremens which can put you in hospital. Whoever put you on baclofen should have told you about this and overseen your dosage and treatment. You have to keep taking it and if you don’t get a result you have to go higher until you do because it works at different doses for different people.  If you decide not to continue with it you have to come off it very slowly.  

You need to see whatever professional got you onto baclofen and get them to treat you properly.   You should also see a lawyer because what you have described is rank negligence. There is enough information in the public domain that any doctor should be able to tell you the way to take baclofen and the risks of coming off it and the need for constant supervision of the daily dose   

Good luck   Hope things work out.  


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