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    • StuckinLA
      Gorgeous picture, @MJM. Sorry about the drinking.

      Well, as July winds down to a close, things are still things here. No definite job but several interviews lined up, and a pretty decent line on some fall classes at one of the schools I worked at last year. I've gone from abject panic to simmering annoyance. Otherwise everything just feels slow and unproductive and distracted.

      Kind of a lame update, but it's what I got.
    • Nicnak
      Hi Phoenix   I definetly think naltrexone works with other addictions,since being on it my I’ve had no trouble dieting although that could be the lack of wine 😏
    • Nicnak
      Beautiful picture MJM sorry to hear you are so down and hope you find some sort of solution soon. Im still on the naltrexone route,after 3 months in it I had 2 weeks alcohol free and now have been drinking once or twice a week.I still drink to much on those occasions but in between I have hardly any cravings,unheard of for me to go days without alcohol for quite a few years.Still taking the pill one hour before drinking and I truly believe this is working I know you’ve got enough in your plate but have you thought about trying TSM?  
    • MJM
      Hello all, It's great to see so much activity here after such a quiet period. Long may it continue! I have not been doing so well. I wish that I could manage to pull myself out of the loop of alcoholism, but it seems I cannot. I have been on a busman's holiday for 3 weeks. I have driven about 6500km in that time, half of that distance and most of that time with my family in the Red Centre of Australia. Bittersweet memories of that time... the key thing is that the drinking has returned. Every few days. God, it's so damn boring.  It is linked to my depression, I think. I have been flat for ages and will organise a medication review with a psychiatrist asap. I will have to go back on meds, because exercise, meditation and fresh air isn't doing it. Any suggestions on what else I can try before I hit the anti-depressants again? At least I'm not smoking. Maybe I should start again, just to mix it up a little. For fuck's sake. What a mess. I have thought about increasing Bac from the current 75mg am and 75 pm to 75mg am, 25mg 3pm and 50mg pm (bedtime) or just bump up the daily dose. Of couse, Baclofen is like taking cod liver oil these days - like, no GPs around here have any idea how to treat people like me. There are other problems, like my wife's drinking and mental state. I don't know what to do there. I aso realised I don't have any friends. None. Is that normal? Like, the only people who I really talk to are you, here on a vulnerable piece of coding.  Here's a pic I took of whan camping near Ularu (Ayers Rock) a few weeks ago. Enjoy.
    • phoenix
      Hi there I'm just popping by, it's coming up to my 5 years AF date. For anyone who doesn't know I did TSM for almost 2 years which got my intake right down, before I decided it was time to quit totally. Not had a single drop since 21st July 2013. In that time I've gone back to uni, done a post grad to qualify as a psychotherapist, decided to take further specialist training in eating disorders and obesity. It's not uncommon for EDs and food issues to go hand in hand with addiction/substance abuse - which I know through my own experience (and suffering). Now hoping I can offer the sort of help I didn't receive.   I've also been able to do very well in the sport I wanted to be involved with, and very interested/involved with various alternative health practices - yoga, cold water therapy, various other things I use to help reduce anxiety and handle stress.
    • Molly78
      It's a shame the prescription of bac has to be associated with all the psychotherapeutic/psychosocial stuff, since it is a stand alone treatment as many of us can testify. Still, it's progress & yes, good news!
    • Felina
      That's great news!